In a country renowned for producing exceptional cricketers, we are now witnessing a burgeoning of artificial football grounds in novel places. From rooftops to schools and clubs to lakesides, this unprecedented rise in the number of top-notch turfs is, but naturally attracting avid sportspersons who wish to better their game. Add to that M. S. Dhoni acknowledging India’s neoteric generation of prodigious fielders, who don’t shy away from plunging catches and slithering stops to superior training centers and we have a swarm of natives wishing to experience the appeal of astroturfs firsthand.

Though there are a handful of players in the market providing similar services, we like to believe that we’re better than them – After all, we have what we call the Urban Edge! We’re simply a CLASS APART.

At Urban Sports, we –

Cater to Your every Need – Whether its cricket you desire to play or football, we’re just a click away. We strive to promote different sports and create awareness across the country towards health and fitness. At Urban, you can enjoy your favourite sport just like the champions do – Right on the field, under spectacular floodlights with your friends in tow.

Leave nothing to faith – We believe in hard work and lots of it. So we’ve worked excruciatingly tirelessly to provide you with the latest technology, equipment and techniques to enable you to become the best.

Are available round the clock – Unless you’re Cinderella or have a deadline to meet, you can enjoy your game while the country sleeps. Book that midnight slot and experience your adrenaline pumping during an undisturbed session with equally enthusiastic mates.

Secure your safety – Because we know that even a scrape on your knee makes your mother worry, we’ve incorporated premium safety features on our playgrounds. From safety nets and padding to protect you from the harsh weather and injury to rubber infill cushioning that reduces 65% chances of wounds, we believe in zero compromise on safety.

Surprise you in ways you can’t imagine – Forgotten your cricket kit or football studs? Don’t fret. Rather than rushing home to get them, borrow them from us. Whether its basic equipment you require like cricket bowling machines or you plan to host a grand league, tournament or kick off for a wedding, birthday or corporate party, you can leave it all to us. Simply enjoy your game while listening to upbeat music.

Are environment friendly – Besides thinking about ourselves and you, we care about the environment too. Our LED floodlights offer fabulous lighting and minimal wastage of electricity, all without producing excessive heat.

Provide you with alternative entertainment – We’re not going by the book here. When we say entertainment, we think beyond shopping and movies and that’s what we’ve done. We’re so hooked to the wire by the glitz and glamour of the EPL and IPL that we’ve forgotten to play the game ourselves. Look outside your window, and you’ll see that you can feel the same throbbing heart with us, that your favourite player feels when he’s walking into the pitch.

Allow you to communicate outside the box – Whether it’s the sense of kicking the ball deep into the nets or sending it straight for a six, we know you can’t stay away from instantly sharing it on social media. And that’s why we give you Wi-Fi facility – Because neither are we from the Stone Age, nor are we stone-hearted!

Refresh, replenish and recharge your body – Water, energy drinks and energy bars. After a thrilling game, that’s what you need, and we’ll give that to you. Need we say more?

Train you to be unbeatable – Our mini sportsmen can literally have a ball while on the field as our expert coaches teach them the intricacies of the game and make them better players. Don’t we all want India’s children and young adults to have their names engraved in the pages of sporting history?
Since our first center opened its turfs for the nation to play on, we’ve undeniably won hearts and loyalty. The number is rapidly rising day by day. Come, experience this edge yourself.

We guarantee – You’ll never be disappointed.