The bat, the ball and the stumps – The three objects every Indian child receives when he’s old enough play a sport (and sometimes even before that)! Even though he may be unable to correctly hold a pen, at such a tender age, he’ll somehow never miss hitting the ball – after all, the obsession for cricket is woven deep into the fabric of our countrymen, no matter how little they are!

Some of our finest cricketers have soared like phoenixes from the grime of the gullies. But times are changing, and so has the ball game. With the dearth of open spaces and plethora of virtual games posing a serious threat to physical activity, the world felt that the time had come to tweak the sport. Thus originates a fresh format that is so spectacular, that it’s hard to resist.

It’s time to pick up the pace and tighten the pads. Box Cricket is here and its come prepared to take you through an overwhelming ride. A modified version of the game we grew up worshiping, it’s exceptionally easy to understand and doubly entertaining to play. The game is played just like normal cricket and the only catch is – You play indoors. Both squads comprise 6-8 cricketers apiece, facing 12 overs each (6-a-side) or 18 overs each (8-a-side). So prepare your lineup and arrive at your nearest Urban Sports Centre, where a high quality cricket pitch is available till the wee hours – because your sportsman spirit doesn’t slumber!

For those who’re always geared for challenges, a state-of-the-art cricket bowling machine awaits you to practice those winning shots. Coaches forever willing to teach your tiny tots the nuances for the game are also on hand.

Your passion; an Urban pitch – The perfect mantra for India’s cricket aficionados to sweat, toil and taste success; because even inside the box, we can’t stop thinking outside it.

Our first few facilities are abuzz with doting dad’s teaching their mini sportsmen to accurately lift their bats and hit their maiden shot, youngsters sprinting wildly between the wickets and others who’ve come to enjoy a more peaceful game. We’re gradually taking the country by storm, so keep your eyes open for your own local arena.