5-a-side Football Futsal

For all you couch potatoes who revere football but lack the motivation or fitness levels to play an overstretched game; God has very benevolently answered your prayers. 5-a-side, the newest football fad is kicking up a storm across Indian metros. Started by thorough unprofessional’s; this version of the game lets you unbridle your innate Ovich’s, Beckham’s and Ronaldo’s to experience the thrill of raw emotion while you annihilate your rivals in a matter of minutes. This concisely charming cousin of football is also renowned as Futsal.

The rules are simple – it’s basically football with a twist. You play indoors, a five member squad on a smaller artificial turf and within a shorter timeframe. Lesser contacts and tackles, with no offside rules make it more appealing. Urban Sports top-notch 5-a-side turfs proffer such fantastic facilities that even the most ardent football spectators will be lured off their seats and onto our turfs. And because we understand that a lost ball could waste valuable time of your hour-long session, our purpose built, perennial pitches come with a safety net which ensures that the ball never stops rolling.

Toddlers are tightening their shoelaces and running onto our pitches to conquer the ball and vanquish the world. We’ve become the favourite pastime of the urban youth, and we pride ourselves at that. We’re never gonna let you down – Whether you desire to simply kick some ball after a hard day at work, join an electrifying league, organize a scintillating tournament or learn the finer techniques of the game from experienced coaches, we’re all ears. After all, we understand that India’s youth is a powerhouse of talent, awaiting the perfect opportunity to showcase their supremacy to the world.

With the Premier Futsal League becoming a sure fixture on every television screen, the scope for this game is abundantly discernable. Let’s not forget Ronaldinho’s quintuplet goals in a hurry, and the rising adrenaline levels that take precedence over all else, because this format is here to stay. When Cricket’s poster boy Kohli and football idols including Giggs, Figo, Falcao and Scholes endorse the sport, creating large scale uproar, the nation will definitely sit up and take notice. With the way things are going, it won’t be long before 5-a-side becomes a custom in the country.

If your feet are itching to play futsal, enter the world of Urban Sports, show off your intense skills and finish the game promptly with a flourish, in true Indian style!