Urban Sports

Why US ?


In a country renowned for producing exceptional cricketers, we are now witnessing a burgeoning of artificial football grounds in novel places. From rooftops to schools and clubs to lakesides, this unprecedented rise in the number of top-notch turfs is, but naturally attracting avid sportspersons who wish to better their game. Add to that M. S. Dhoni acknowledging India's neoteric generation of prodigious fielders, who don't shy away from plunging catches and slithering stops to superior fields and softer grass at training centers and we have a swarm of natives wishing to experience the appeal of astroturfs firsthand.

Though there are a handful of players in the market providing similar services, we like to believe that we're better than them After all, we have what we call the Urban Edge! We are simply a CLASS APART.

At Urban Sports, we




Since our first centre opened its turfs for the nation to play on, we've undeniably won hearts and loyalty. The number is rapidly rising day by day.

Come, experience this edge yourself.

We guarantee You'll never be disappointed.

* Wi-Fi Facility - Because neither are we from the stone age, nor are we stone - hearted!