Urban Sports

About Us

We're Indians. Young, energetic and focused, we bleed blue. We're dreamers. We dream big. We dream sports. We're hard workers. We sweat and strive to realise what we've set our heart on. And we've come up with a spectacular game plan to provide India's youth something they lack - The ultimate stadium experience.

We've capitalised on our vision by kicking off Urban Sports - Our biggest playing field. We've moved mountains to achieve our goal of creating an uprising of sorts in the two sports our country breathes in day and night - Cricket and Football.

Our aspiration is straightforward. We want the next generation to step out of the world of virtual gaming and tighten their shoelaces to experience a unique gift - An unrivalled opportunity to hone their sports skills, in an unprecedented and innovative manner. We've opened our hearts, pitches and fields for you practice on - To fall, get hurt and rise again so that We, as a nation, can make sporting history. With our distinctive quality and safety measures proudly in place, our existing turfs attract passionate sports persons from all walks of life.

Whether you desire a casual kick with your friends or a stimulating competition, or our mini sportsmen want to learn the ballgame from experienced teachers or make their friends envious by throwing a football/cricket themed birthday extravaganza on a spellbinding 4th generation turf (Sigh!), we'll happily do it all. Because its game on - Irrespective of the occasion, day, time or weather!

You'll win some, you'll lose some. But one thing's for sure - You'll go home grinning from ear to ear. And that's the whole point of Urban Sports.


We're visionaries. At present we have 10 Urban Sports Centres. Fast forward to 2025 and the number of our world class centres will have hit a century across India for you to set the ball rolling on!